Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Family K

Two years and another baby. This time we went to the Salisbury house. The beauty for the American castle and the nature that surrounds it was a great backdrop for this family's shoot. The kids are just adorable, and little missy is so animated!

Blended Family

Normally shooting 9 adults and 6 children would be a daunting task, so is not this case with this family. They are so natural, fun, and it's an added blessing that they are all beautiful. They were all together celebrating the holidays and called me in for the occasion. Warm days and cool nights had made the leaves gorgeous, and I kept "oohing and aahing" during the whole shoot!
 Together forever, newlyweds just the same.

Merry McCousins

Usually Baby E and Baby L's moms do the props and adorable outfits. This time grandma had all the fun!

Baby L • 6 months

Baby L isn't a stranger you can see her here, here, and here. And since I'll be shooting her 9 month old pictures this weekend I HAD to update you on her 6 month old pictures!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


These two are destined for each other and they don't even know it yet.

  I love how he's not so sure here:

Her Prince:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ringin' In the New Year as Newly Weds

Who doesn't want to party with friends ringing in the New Year?! There is no better excuse to party AND to get married! This wedding was filled with love, joy and laughter. All of the people involved are so sweet and kind. What made this day even more fabulous was the gorgeous, warm weather!

{ This all took place at the Lotus Moments Event center here in Des Moines, which is a fabulous venue! It was a fabulous all in one location. }

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I knew her name first!

Way back in March, when the buds were showing up on trees and the grass was getting greener, I did an awesome pregnancy shoot here. Daddy and mommy didn't know if baby was a boy or a girl and we played around with pictures with both types of names, so I knew her name first. Dad and mom reminded me of that when we met for this shoot. A beautiful baby girl she was, and oh so cute, and it was awesome to see the new parents in action!

Home for the Holidays

Everyone's home - group photo time!

 Please forgive me, I had to :)